Environmental Marketing At DMD Green we provide better processes, development, and communication of your sustainability initiatives, from concept through creation and to completion. DMD Green offers progressive marketing solutions to help businesses adopt or perfect sustainable practices and deliver integrated, green-centric messaging.

What we do:
- Market research
- Identity systems and guidelines
- Nomenclature
- Product development
- Positioning and logo development



The founders of EcoMedia envisioned a way to partner with municipalities to improve the environment, but they needed help to make that vision a reality. To facilitate these partnerships, DMD devised a brand position that communicated their messages to the community while creating buy-in opportunities for businesses. We crafted a visual identity system of environmentally inspired icons designed to work across many mediums including online, out-of-home, and print. We also constructed the EcoZone, an area that would prominently announce the environmental work being done there, while showcasing the sponsoring businesses. To ensure success, we tested the signage in multiple markets, before deploying it throughout the target municipalities.

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