Sustainable Business Change Sustainable business should push the limits of eco-effectiveness while allowing leaders and their employees to feel better about how they work.

DMD Green helps companies create a shift in business practices toward those that follow the principles of whole system design or natural capitalism. This shift, in turn, can provide profitable opportunities while drastically reducing destructive pressures on the environment.

What we do:
- Sustainable Corporate Strategy
- Process Optimization
- Environmental Risk Management
- Green Business Audits


Nysan Solar Control

Nysan was a commercial shading company looking to dramatically alter its operating profile and incorporate a green or sustainable business change. Working with DMD Green through a number of sustainable audits on their products and service offering and through a collaborative restructuring of their corporate strategy, Nysan emerged re-branded; Nysan Solar Control and is now one of the most green minded shading companies in the world. With DMD Green’s involvement Nysan was able to develop the GreenScreen(R) line of solar shading fabrics and SolarWare(R) intelligent solar shading tracking software which can save buildings millions in CO2 emissions and substantial monetary savings in operating heating and cooling costs.

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