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Is Being Green A Trend?

Posted by Blake Nijs on September 16 at 8:00 AM  Being in the green communications business I constantly talk to people who are interested in saving our planet. Yet every now and then I continue to find a few people that think being “green” is more of an accessory than the future of our planet. This raises a question in my mind: Is being green a fad? Have we topped out our desire to make sustainable choices?  I fear the fad label we are seeing is because all the easy options to be green now are done, all that is left is the now are the hard meaningful choices. 

At first we were shocked by the rapid decline of our planets resources and troubling trends in our climate. Now that it has become an ongoing and basically political issue, its influence has been lost with most people. 

The average person tries to be green, of course but they are not normally actively involved with green solutions. Many people I talk to don’t feel that the environment is something to take priority in their lives. It was easy for most people to rush out and buy more efficient light bulbs, but much harder to start taking public transit instead of driving. 

Being green is not an accessory; it’s a way of life. To accomplish this one needs to be recycling, reusing, being sustainable and conserving. The fact is that there are still not enough people practicing being green and the waste keeps building up. To answer the question I personally do not think that being green is a trend, it is the future. The only question left is what are you doing to be green?

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Agreed, the easy options to being green such as buying new light bulbs are what people tend to adopt. Perhaps we need better public transit infrastructures in our cities to make it more conducive for people to take transit. With this, maybe people will be more likely to adopt this lifestyle, especially as the cost of fuels increase.

However, I think the heart of the question of being green comes down to a societal one. We are a consumeristic society that needs to produce countless goods at an ever-increasing pace to allow the modern business model of exponential growth to continue. Moreover, competition demands that companies seek out the cheapest solutions so they can out-compete their adversaries and provide cheaper products (which is what people buy). If people could afford the option of buying green products over those that are not, I believe they would. However, real wages have not increased en par with the cost of living, and the debt of average citizens continues to rise. They cannot afford these green products and companies produce the cheapest products to provide for the average citizens.

I agree, being green is a lifestyle, it is a paradigm shift. But it needs to transgress into all levels of society. We have realized that environmental sustainability is essential for the future. Nonetheless, there are other factors that prevent this change from occurring. I believe the major ones to be the modern business model and the lack of economic sustainability for average people due to our consumeristic lifestyles.

Posted by Daniel P on November 18 at 9:47 AM

Daniel, your comment is exactly correct. There really is much more to add, since i completely agree with you.

Posted by BLAKE NIJS on November 22 at 12:44 PM

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