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Alternative Fuels: Part 3 Bio-diesel

Posted by Blake Nijs on August 26 at 6:00 AM  Most bio-diesel is a fuel mixture made of animal fats, corn or waste cooking oil in combination with diesel fuel. The percentage of mix is dependent on the application in which it is being used. Most bio-diesel is 5% bio-oil and 95% diesel. All of the additives in bio-diesel are filtered and cleaned to ensure that they do not cause harm to any of the mechanical components of the engines. The best part of this is that it reduces green house gas emissions by up to 60% depending on what was used to create the mixture.


Bio-diesel has the potential to revolutionize the diesel power world. All equipment from trucks, generators, heavy machinery, farming equipment and personal vehicles can run off bio-diesel. Since bio-diesel is more expensive than ordinary diesel, new methods of refining bio-diesel are under development, hopefully lowering the cost. BIOX developed by Professor David Boocock, simplifies the refining process resulting in fewer chemicals and eliminates the need for specialized technicians. BIOX provides the opportunity to expand bio-diesel into a larger market by equaling the price of fossil fuels.


Research is still needed to resolve a few issues related to bio-diesel. In colder climates bio-diesel becomes thick therefore making it difficult for engines to start. Further testing is needed to determine engine wear patterns as well as the economic feasibility of such a product.


As said before, bio-diesel has the potential to revolutionize the diesel power world, and like of all the fuels I discussed it is the closest alternative fuel that will hit the market on a mass scale. The commercial uses for this fuel are endless, and with a few more years of research I feel that we will be see a lot more bio-diesel in the future.



All information retrieved from Natural Resources Canada.


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