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Rainwater is an oft forgotten resource

Posted by Blake Nijs on July 15 at 3:00 PM  Rainwater is an often forgotten resource. Many buildings use sanitized city water to run their toilets and urinals. This may not sound very harmful to the environment however nearly one-third of water usage is used to flush waste. Granted there have been innovations such as low flow toilets, we are still flushing drinking water down the drains. 

Rainwater catch systems which capture and store water for alternative use are now readily available for use in commercial buildings. These systems can reduce use of city water by 40% – 60%[1]. Saving the potable water from use in waste removal also reduces the total energy consumed during the sanitation process as the demand subsides.  

One Bryant Park, Bank of America located in New York provides a great example of innovative ways of helping our planet. Besides using many recycled materials the building also employs; a wind turbine, a 4.6-megawatt gas generator and multiple water catch systems[2]. The One Bryant Park project generates 70% of its total energy requirements. Implementing waterless urinals and using the grey water throughout all waste system reduces their water consumption by approximately 3 million gallons per annum[3]. Even though One Bryant Park is one of the largest in New York providing ample square footage for grey water collection, their success is actually indicative of what rain water catch systems could do in other projects.  

Although rainwater catches are not a new idea, rain barrels have been used for hundreds of years; we need more commercial style grey water collection systems produced for residential housing. Vancouver has an average of 1167mm of rain per year[4]. This water is ending up in the ocean or sewers. Residential versions of advanced rainwater catch would save large amounts of drinking water.  

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