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Solar Panels in Residential Homes

Posted by Blake Nijs on June 24 at 5:00 PM Homeowners usually dismiss solar panels as a viable energy source as this technology can be very expensive.  Lately companies have started producing more inexpensive solar panels, which people can also lease, in so providing an alternative to paying the full purchase price.  This creates an opportunity for average income homeowners to install solar panels and save an average of 15% on their electricity costs.

Geographically one the best locations to install solar panels is along the sunshine coast, which extends from British Colombia to California and into Mexico.  These are along the west coast and get the most sun and has excellent weather conditions.  Since solar panels do not work under a cover of snow, many cities east of the sunshine coast are not able to make the best use of the panels.

The question that homeowners need to ask themselves is whether their house is a good candidate for a solar panel application or not.  There are many requirements for a house to be a good applicant, but most of them are easy enough for homeowners to evaluate themselves.  Many of these requirements are fairly obvious such as whether the home has a rooftop that is facing the sun for an average six hours per day or the geographic location of the home provides sufficient lighting and weather conditions.  Since a location like Calgary has eight months of winter, with large amounts of snow, solar panels would not be a great idea.  Not because the panels would be damaged, but the fact that the system would not be able to capture enough direct sunlight.

Renewable energy sources are obviously our future and the implementation of solar panels on residential homes provides a great step forward.  With the total purchase price providing upwards of a 20 year payback, these new leasing opportunities will hopefully lead to a cheaper, greener future.
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I didn't know that you could lease solar panels. I live in Calgary and have always known that solar panels on my house just wouldn't pay off other than maybe alleviating my conscience.

Something I will need to look into now. Thanks Blake.

Posted by Stacy Richter on June 25 at 1:52 AM

Stacy, Yes you can lease solar panels! But there is a better incentive for making the move. The Canadian government gives grants out to people who take on this task. These grants can range from $1000 - $15000 depending on how much energy the system catches. This could cover installation costs and possibly more.

Just another incentive for going green!

Posted by BLAKE NIJS on June 29 at 11:02 AM

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