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Social Media = Success for SocialCycling™ (@Social_Cycling)

Posted by Stacy Richter on December 2 at 5:00 AM  I have become truly awakened to the power of Social Media and what it really means to businesses.  SocialCycling™ has really taken off as a result of the work of a great team at DMD Insight (@DMDInsight) and social media outlets like twitter.  I’ve had a little trouble buying into the concept of Social Media until now.

It all started with a gracious discussion with Caroline Kawashima (@ckawa).  I read her blog called Social Media for Sustainability: Moving from Activisim to Activation and had to find out more.  I reached out to Caroline through her twitter account and arranged an interview.  We had a great discussion about social media.  Now that I reflect back on our discussion and the coverage we’re getting with SocialCycling™, I can’t help but think we’ve done something right.

Caroline addresses 4 main points:

  1. CSR 2.0 (Corporate Social Responsibility)
  2.  Understand both the issue and the stakeholder(s)
  3. Quest for social media ROI
  4. Death of the press release

The main take away from our discussion was that social media like twitter are tools and we have to choose the right tool for the right result.  For SocialCycling™, a combination of press release, relationships and twitter were the right tools.

SocialCycling™ was launched at the Greenbuild Conference and exhibition in November (Issue and Stakeholders).  The concept on its own, re-using waste to make materials hard to recycle available to developing countries is a positive addition to augment almost any CSR program (CSR 2.0).

The launch began with a press release at the show.  From there, our friends at DMD Insight continued their PR efforts by contacting their media colleagues.  In traditional media, coverage would have taken place over several months depending on editorial calendars.  The advent of social media has accelerated this return which brings me to item #3.... Social Media ROI. 

The payoff for SocialCycling™ 

  • 140+ individual tweets and retweets 

o   Coming from a range of individuals and companies who represent editors, publishers, journalists, architects, bloggers and environmental advocates 

  • Articles and blogs

o   Total of over 45 million unique monthly users

§  Interior Design > 191,100

§  Fast Company > 1,517,800

§  IMDb > 36,363000

§  Treehugger > 1,686,500

§  Business Week Exchange > 4,703,400

§  Dwell > 264,200

Can I say I’m a believer in Social Media? You bet. Has social media paid off for SocialCycling™. Absolutely. SocialCycling has been wildly successful to date. The coverage overall has been amazing.


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4 Comments so far...

Huge success! Congratulations.

It also helps that the story is timely, exciting and progressive!

Posted by Rebecca on December 2 at 11:26 AM

Thanks due in large part to you and Nick there Rebeccea... perhaps you can expand on contributing factors that make PR successful...

Posted by Stacy Richter on December 2 at 12:15 PM

Do you have any examples of this in use currently? Will DMD Green be creating the Socialcycling site? Very interesting and important stuff. Let's hope the World embraces this and the word get's out.

Posted by Darren Scott on December 2 at 4:54 PM

Thanks for commenting Darren.

One real world case we have on the go right now is converting pre-consumer waste from a fabric manufacturer into backpacks for kids in Nigeria. Very exciting and we'll keep you tuned in as we go along.

We are definitely in the middle of constructing a SocialCycling website and we are looking forward to launching it very soon. As you have probably noticed, we have our marks, color palettes and logos complete. It's now a matter of content and structure and we're very close.

I think this would be a good opportunity to get some feedback from you. What kinds of content would you like to see on our SocialCycling web site? Are there any features that attract you to a site initially? What will keep you coming back to our site on a regular basis? We'd like to know what you think.

We're very excited about how SocialCycling has progressed so far. We also have some very exciting developments that we can't quite mention yet so make sure you keep plugged in.. as you said this is important stuff and we're trying to do more than hope the world embraces SocialCylcing.

Thanks Darren.

Posted by Stacy Richter on December 3 at 12:24 AM
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