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How Social Media exasperated BP’s image after the Gulf spill.

Posted by Stacy Richter on May 10 at 3:15 PM  In February, guest blogger Gina Miller from @DMDInsight provided us with a detailed snap shot of social media in oil and gas.  The snap shot included analysis comparing share of voice, share of media type and social media breakdown between Exxon and BP.

Lots has happened since February (read: Gulf Coast Oil Spill) and the social media sphere has been going crazy with content.  Our follow up analysis demonstrates how quickly and drastically the discussion changes with world events.  The Gulf oil spill is a terrible disaster indeed.  Never before has the news traveled the world as quickly as it has since the proliferation of social media.

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Is there room for Social Media in Oil and Gas?

Posted by Stacy Richter on January 29 at 1:30 AM  The short answer is YES.  The larger questions are WHY? HOW? And for WHOM?  I had the pleasure of speaking about ‘Understanding Social Media’ at the Social Media Forum hosted by CAPP (@OilGasCanada) this past Tuesday.   The forum presented discussion topics such as CAPP’s Social Media Plan,  Pumptalk Blog Experience, and Mind the Gap. Topics: energy, strategy        14 Comments Read Full Post

Social Media = Success for SocialCycling™ (@Social_Cycling)

Posted by Stacy Richter on December 2 at 5:00 AM
 I have become truly awakened to the power of Social Media and what it really means to businesses.  SocialCycling™ has really taken off as a result of the work of a great team at DMD Insight (@DMDInsight) and social media outlets like twitter.  I’ve had a little trouble buying into the concept of Social Media until now.
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Life Cycle Analysis (LCA); Designing better inputs for better outputs.

Posted by Stacy Richter on November 23 at 6:00 AM A little over a week ago DMD Green launched SocialCycling at Greenbuild in Phoenix, AZ. The launch raised one big question in my mind; why do manufacturers, builders, architects and contractors still use difficult or impossible to recycle materials in their projects? Kind of a garbage in, garbage out mentality. That’s what sparked me to ask Andrew Personette of DMD Green about Life Cycle Analysis.
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Are Canadian Oil Sands Worth Environmental Impact? – Tips to managing PR in Oil and Gas

Posted by Stacy Richter on November 17 at 4:30 PM
No Oil. I Want Off Oil. You would never know that these are taglines from a marketing campaign by a carpet manufacturer exhibiting at the Greenbuild Conference and Exhibition last week in Phoenix, AZ. You also may or may not be surprised about a segment that aired on The Newshour with Jim Lehrer) questioning if the impact of producing the oil sands is worth it.
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Oil Sands focus shifting to Environment and Communication

Posted by Stacy Richter on October 9 at 11:20 AM I had the pleasure of attending the Oil Sands Conference and Exhibition late last month and was pleasantly surprised. I was surprised to find out how much the oil and gas industry is actually doing to reduce their impact on the environment. The two biggest topics for discussion were water usage and communication.
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Solving Climate Change is Simple; Less People = Less Pollution... Really.

Posted by Stacy Richter on September 18 at 11:30 AM I stumbled across a topic about solving climate change and was really bothered initially. There are a number of factions that support population control as a means of affecting climate change. When I read about the subject, I immediately began to write my thoughts of disgust that someone could suggest that a person should or could not have children on account of the increased emissions that would occur.
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Greenwashing the Oil and Gas industry.

Posted by Stacy Richter on August 5 at 5:15 PM I was reading the summer edition of the Oil and Gas Magazine (which I recommend if you’re in the industry) and something caught my attention. I came across an advertorial for a product claiming a certain level of green product certification from a third party institute. I don’t have a quarrel with either organization (but both will remain nameless) save one; the level of greenwashing in the advert is misleading.
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The Battle for Green Supremacy is Won or Lost in the Message

Posted by Stacy Richter on June 29 at 1:00 PM The battle for green supremacy is on the verge of raging as corporations jockey for position in the Green Economy. The winner, in my opinion, is not the company who has the best green alternatives or the most products available. The Green Supremacy will be determined by who tells the most people in the best way possible.
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Cap and Trade: Follow up with David Collyer, President of CAPP

Posted by Stacy Richter on May 15 at 11:14 AM David Collyer, President of the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP) held an online discussion through the Globe and Mail’s Report on Business. Mr. Collyer responded to many questions about several issues and I was able to ask David about his thoughts on a cap and trade system versus carbon credits or a carbon tax.
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Oilsands Opinion Poll Reveals Staggering Results

Posted by Stacy Richter on May 12 at 12:00 PM Byron Chu of the Daily Oil Bulletin reported that the Oil and Gas Industry conducted it's own opinon poll about Canadians' perception of the industry. The results are not surprising;
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Cap and Trade; Good for Environment, Good or Bad for Business?

Posted by Stacy Richter on April 30 at 10:15 PM Like most, I found myself increasingly interested in how the “Cap and Trade” system actually works and what effect it would have on overall business. To provide a little perspective, the EPA issued a memo on Apr 23 on how the Agency will meet its “heightened commitment to transparency.”
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