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Are we Paperless or Clueless?

Posted by Jason Warnock on August 23 at 8:00 PM If I asked 10 modern office types about the idea of a “paperless” office and when, in their opinion, was the peak of our paper use in the office, what do you think they would guess? Surely the late 80’s? Perhaps any time in the not too distant past without email, all those letters being sent, memos, that must have used way more paper than now... Right? Or maybe the 60’s with the “Mad Men” style offices, four secretaries for every writer, all that typing and re-typing. Right?
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Greenwashing the Oil and Gas industry.

Posted by Stacy Richter on August 5 at 5:15 PM I was reading the summer edition of the Oil and Gas Magazine (which I recommend if you’re in the industry) and something caught my attention. I came across an advertorial for a product claiming a certain level of green product certification from a third party institute. I don’t have a quarrel with either organization (but both will remain nameless) save one; the level of greenwashing in the advert is misleading.
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