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Alberta PR Machine spins too slowly for Obama’s Canadian Visit

Posted by Jason Warnock on February 19 at 6:00 PM With US President meeting with Prime Minister Stephen Harper today to discuss the oil sands and the current Canadian initiatives to cap and sequester the carbon emissions of this perceived “dirty oil”, Alberta’s public relations reacts with new rules on water and site reclamation.  Too little too late? Topics: energy, leadership, sustainability        4 Comments Read Full Post


Posted by Jason Warnock on February 13 at 12:00 PM As marketers our environmental efforts are often focused on the material and carbon contribution of our products or services.  There are numerous green rating systems out there that tell us what the total VOC content is or the post-consumer recycled content or even the carbon dioxide contribution based on transport and production.  Are we missing out on perhaps and even more important one, how can our materials affect and quite possibly improve the lives of people around the world? Topics: leadership, recycling, sustainability        7 Comments Read Full Post

Alberta's "Dirty Oil" is in Obama's Sights

Posted by Jason Warnock on February 9 at 2:00 PM With President Obama's campaign talk of Alberta's oil sands as an "open question" in regards to how this will fit in to the new US cleaner energy plan, Canada's most oil rich province should take notice.  As the oil sand process of extraction often produces 3X as much carbon as traditional drilling the commitment of Alberta's upstream development companies should be focused on finding cleaner ways to do business. Topics: energy, strategy, sustainability        3 Comments Read Full Post

Last In... First Out

Posted by Jason Warnock on February 7 at 1:00 PM What does a reverse order inventory evaluation have to do with sustainability?  Unfortunately for the Hospitality Industry it appears to be an all too common course of action for all their green programs.  The acceptability of "Eco-Luxury" properties was just beginning to sneak into the mainstream when the collapse of the economy nearly shut down and basically reversed most of this progress.  Topics: leadership, sustainability        3 Comments Read Full Post
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