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  • Bunker Fuel Having Hazardous EffectsPOSTED BY BLAKE NIJS ON OCTOBER 4 AT 7:55 AM

     Bunker fuel is the left over oil and particles from this process, composed of asphaltenes, waxes, and other very large molecules. The residual crude oil is then burned in large ships, leaving behind hazardous emissions.

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  • James Cameron & the 'Avatarsands'POSTED BY STACY RICHTER ON SEPTEMBER 29 AT 12:00 AM

     Alberta gets the word directly from the horses mouth.  James Cameron spent a couple of days in Northern AB touring bitumen (oilsands) mining and reclamation sites.  Part of his visit included a sit down with Alberta Premier Ed Stelmach (sorry about that James) and a live press conference in Edmonton.  I would have to say I was pleasantly surprised with Cameron's statements and position about development of the oilsands.

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  • Is Being Green A Trend?POSTED BY BLAKE NIJS ON SEPTEMBER 16 AT 8:00 AM

    Is being green a fad? Have we topped out our desire to make sustainable choices?  I fear the fad label we are seeing is because all the easy options to be green now are done, all that is left is the now are the hard meaningful choices.

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  • Alternative Fuels: Part 3 Bio-dieselPOSTED BY BLAKE NIJS ON AUGUST 26 AT 6:00 AM

     Most bio-diesel is a fuel mixture made of animal fats, corn or waste cooking oil in combination with diesel fuel. The percentage of mix is dependent on the application in which it is being used. Most bio-diesel is 5% bio-oil and 95% diesel. All of the additives in bio-diesel are filtered and cleaned to ensure that they do not cause harm to any of the mechanical components of the engines. The best part of this is that it reduces green house gas emissions by up to 60% depending on what was used to create the mixture. 

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  • Alternative Fuels: Part 2 EthanolPOSTED BY BLAKE NIJS ON AUGUST 10 AT 8:00 AM

     An alternative fuel that has been around for more than a decade is ethanol. My personal experience with ethanol is limited. Every now and then I see a decal on the side of a S.U.V. while walking downtown claiming ethanol capabilities. I truly have never actually seen a recreational vehicle running on one of the many various mixes of ethanol and gas. 

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